Fall Edition: Pumpkin Ravioli

It’s no secret that I am a sweet tooth girl, but every now and then I add some savory to spice it up. Pumpkin ravioli is the perfect combination of that. Staying true to my words that I will utilize as much pumpkin as I can this season, this dish reallllllllllllllly hits the spot! 

I try to stay away from anything too complicated so if you want the easy route, try wonton wraps to make the ravioli. It’ll work fine. If you want to try your hand out at making your own, I used this recipe. I don’t have a machine/pasta roller so I did it by hand. It’s a lot more complicated, but years of rolling bread, fondant, and cookies helped with the process. 

Fall Edition: Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Want me to say it again?





My new favorite words.

Fall is right around the corner.

That means with every chance I get, I will incorporate pumpkin into most recipes I use.

Until I get tired of it.

and then repeat the process next year.

but for now.